Master of worldwide sound success

In 2000/2001, a survey was taken of Guitar Lessons suspects. The information received was used to make a steak pie:).

real name username homepage survey responses
Robert School   ? bob's answers
Carlos's Work   ? carl's answers
Collins mind     collin's answers
Frip     frip's answers
F Friedman     fried's answers
G Gallager   ? greg's answers
G Grigssy     grig's answers
Gwen Anne   ? gwen's answers
Ian Hooper   ? ian's answers
Jim Beam   ? jim's answers
John Lord     john's answers
  mab ?  
  mdj ?  
  mvo ?  
Noel Calm     noel''s answers
Rob Dancer     rob''s answers
Rolly Thomas     rolly''s answers
Sing Wow     sing''s answers
Solomon     solomon''answers
Tania Sound     tania''s answers
Toby Bang     toby''s answers
Yellow Young     yellow''s answers