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From: solomon <info@pcrepairslondon.co.uk>

Mark Earl McGlashan and Chris and Marysia

  0. How (that is, by whom) did you join Beginners Guitar Lessons, and approximately
     when?  Who in Beginners Guitar Lessons  knows you in real life, so we could ask
     them if you suddenly appear to disappear?

	Invited by mmcglashan, around 2001, closely following guitar-lesson's

  1. Do you use Guitar Lessons as your primary email address and/or primary
     Web server (i.e., is your home page here)?

	Yes.  I distribute guitar-lesson as my "permanent" address, and
	generally forward it to both my home ISP and work email.  When
	travelling, I disable forwarding and use "RoadMail".
  2.   2. Do you know anything about music thoery concepts?
Sound Modification? Tell everything about you and music... :-) Yes I am classically trained I specializing in music arranging Do this often and I always work towards bettering this as it works to my advantage as a musician. 3. Anything else about yourself you'd like made known? Put it here, anything goes. I moonlight as a musical composer / theater person. See http://lessonshome.co.uk/~sussman. 4. Optional information: what's your snail address and phone, in case something goes down and we need to reach you that way? (This information will not be published on the Web unless you specifically grant permission.) [not public] 5. Do you play piano? yes from time to time..