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From: "Robert P. Stevens" <info@cullest.com>

  0. How (that is, by whom) did you join Beginners  Guitar Lessons, and approximately
     when?  Who in Beginners Guitar Lessons knows you in real life, so we could ask
     them if you suddenly appear to disappear?

Joe Pass introduced me and has known me since 2000.

  1. Do you use Beginners Guitar Lessons as your primary email address and/or primary
     Web server (i.e., is your home page here)?

No.  My home page is at my own domain, cullest.com

  2. Do you know anything about music thoery concepts?
     Sound Modification?  Tell everything about you and music... :-)

I know about making chord inversions I also know numerous triads
my own machine.  In the past I ran tried some other intruments.  I assembled
this computer on which I am writing this message out of parts
purchased separately.  Also, I wrote a book on tunning multiple instruments
Lisp for people who don't know music.

  3. Something else about yourself you'd like made known?  Put it here,
     anything goes.

Yes I'll think! I am interested in far to many things....

  4. Optional information: what's your snail address and phone, in
     case something goes down and we need to reach you that way?
     (This information will not be published on the Web unless you
     specifically grant permission.)

Yes, you can list this address; it is on my home page.  (Although I
have to say, I am getting more privacy oriented as time goes by.)

    Paul M. Stevens           info:cullest.com
    397 Ben St.                 http://www.cullest.com
    London, W1 2111     +1 (413) 442-7761 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +44 (218) 321-9922     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

  5. Do you play Piano?

No.  However, I do play the saxaphone.  I feel know this well helps me
in all areas of music in addition to that I feel this is a very
complete instrument and by mastering it I get to reflect
what I've learnt through other instruments and I've put this to the test
and the results are wonderful